Council of Elders anyone?

Linden Lab is so incredibly out of touch with Second Life culture I have been thinking we need some kind of “Council of Elders” or something to have a little authority when communicating our concerns to LL about the many ways they impact our society. This, of course, leads to wondering exactly what is “our society”? Perhaps something from another age will help:

1- The Nation States


Steam Punk

Zindra & the larger adult community.





Gay  & Lesbian


2- The Guilds and Artisans (content creators)





Contract / big project builders


3- The Mistrals who entertain us


Visual Artists

Venue Owners


4- The Gentry

Land Barons big and small

Linden Mainland management should fit here ……. if only………

5-The Wizards and Witches

Those mysterious people who live in the misty wood between civilization and the mythical mountain of the Lindens. Chanting incantations like “HTML” “Packet Loss” “OpenGL” they can cure or drive you to madness.

It seems to me that everyone who has been in Second Life for a significant period of time identifies with one or more of these groups (or others like them, the list is incomplete). We should be able to speak with a more cohesive voice than the rants and tantrums so often seen in the various communication streams we expect the Lindens to pay attention to. Surely there are cool heads among us.

Council of Elders anyone?

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