My father used to tell all us kids “if you are going to do something do it completely, anything less is half-a-job and will just make you look bad and piss off the people who have to deal with your laziness and incompetence.”

When Linden Lab first began work on mesh many of us, once we understood better what mesh was, really looked forward to mesh clothes. Early examples were very promising, they moved with you! Collars did not get buried in body parts as you moved. There was no more color mismatch between sculpty cuffs and pants if the light was not just right!

After a while it became apparent that there was a problem. While the clothes moved with your skeleton, they did not fit to your skin shape! SH-2374 is probably the best written of the jira requests pertaining to this. After over a month and innumerable comments it was downgraded today to “Someday / Maybe” with no Linden comment.

I will not reiterate what is covered at the jira, suffice it to point out there are probably more L$ spent on clothes than anything other than perhaps rent. I for one will not be wasting my money on mesh clothing until this is fixed.

Dad was right. Shame on you Linden Lab for leaving mesh only half-a-job. You have a mesh team assembled, use them to complete the job rather than reassembling a new team — whenever. If you wonder why we sometimes do not respect the work you do, add this to the long litany of jobs done incompletely, incompetently or without regard for your paying customers.

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