It is time to do something about the Mainland!

I am a Mainland person, always have been! Private islands are just too expensive, and paying rent to a land baron only makes sense if you have significant disposable L$. The most recent mainland statistics I can find show that 40.9% of the mainland is owned directly by Linden accounts; that amounts to 2618 regions! Unlike private islands those can not be shut down, even if totally unoccupied! I know, some of that is in roads, Linden builds, etc. but no where near 2618 regions worth.

The resolution I propose is to increase the land allotment for premium accounts to 1024sqM from it’s present 512sqM. This would be a big enticement for mainland ownership.

  • Much like RL, occupied land attracts more occupation, especially if it is reasonably attractively developed.
  • This would make moving from an initial Linden Home to a regular mainland plot a logical “next step” (which logically leads to even more land for more prims and space).
  • LL could gradually transition to fewer Linden Homes continents if necessary by simply not making new homes available on one of them; thereby allowing those servers to be used elsewhere.
  • This would be at least a partial response to those calling for lower land tier fees and could resolve the issue completely (although not to everyone’s satisfaction obviously).
  • There is an opportunity here to do something with Marketplace to encourage in-world stores and shops. These used to be a significant part of mainland occupancy but since marketplace was implemented many of them are gone.
  • At least in the short term there is no impact on the LL bottom line, unused space will simply be put to use. In the long run, if successful, this could result in continued mainland expansion.
  • Lastly, and far from least from my viewpoint, this could result in the revitalization of Second Life community. It is only on the mainland (and to some extent on private subcontinents) that people have the opportunity to wander, explore, meet people and find products without expectations, and generally be part of something larger than their circle of friends.

If this seems like an idea worth farther exploration to you please add a comment & pass the link around that is the best way to get a discussion started 🙂



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2 responses to “It is time to do something about the Mainland!

  1. Sounds good to me, Shug! I’m a mainland girl, too…l like the feeling of not being hemmed in by void, and the possibility of strangers wandering by. LL simply must find something to do to get all that mainland back into resident hands. It’s their own fault of course…promoting Homestead sims, creating themed Linden areas like Nautilus, Bay City, and the Linden Home continent, and exiling the Adult segment to Zindra all bloated the amount of Mainland available while the number of frequent users dropped. But further finger pointing is unproductive. We need to move on, and revitalize the Mainland.

  2. linden would probly have to reorganise the mainland first i think

    like redesignate all mainland sims on the main continents to M rating, except for the area: linden village, hip, oip and leave that as G

    clean up the old teen grid and give it a more proper name. attach some more G sims to it and offer anyone on existing G mainland a free transfer like they did with zindra A land

    then make covenants for the redesignated G mainland sims when they empty out. like make mini bay citys and browns out of them. also make covenants for whole M mainland sims that abandoned back to linden before they put back on the market

    if can get a 50/50 covenant and no-covenant mainland then would be more attractive i think to get ppl to move out of their linden homes. linden homes owners quite like the tidyness of covenanted and themed living. at the moment there are very few mainland sims they can move to that are covenant. bc there are few then the prices for parcels on them are quite high

    ps. i live mainland as well

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