One Week On – Firestorm Viewer (official release)

I have used Firestorm and it’s predecessors Phoenix and Emerald as my viewer of choice practically since Emerald first came out. There have been setbacks and problems along the way some, rather dramatic, self imposed. Since I use a high-end gaming desktop computer with an over-the-top graphics card I expect all the bells and whistles!

The current release of Firestorm (3.232324336) is the first “official release”, we have had beta versions for some time but the development team wanted the official release to be as bug free as possible. That has taken a while; an all volunteer team with jobs, families and vacations slows things some. Trying to keep viewer development up to date with a continuous stream of new features from Linden Lab is a major task in itself.

I like this viewer! It runs well for me, even at ultra settings with shadows and lights. It has most of the features I liked in Phoenix plus many new ones. On the log in screen you can choose a default viewer mode: Phoenix, (Linden)Viewer3, or a Hybrid of those. I am using Hybrid with some tweaks in preferences, most notably I use the StarLight Silver Blue skin.

I am not going to list all of the features of this viewer, I would inevitably leave out the features that are important to you! A full rundown can be found at the User Guide section of the Firestorm Wiki.

This viewer does not have Mesh capability, although the development team says “soon”. I suspect they will wait at least for a little while to see what is happening with the mesh deformer project. see note.

I strongly recommend this viewer for day to day use. Even on laptops and older desktops it seems to run as well as other viewers, is very adaptable to how you like your viewer to look and has features other viewers do not. Notably, after well over 20 hours of use, I have not crashed once!

NOTE: This viewer has full mesh support. Thanks to Naletes Urriah for picking up this mistake!


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