A return to the good old ways

There have been reports in the last week that Linden Lab is returning to some practices they should never have abandoned.

Tuesday Daniel Voyager posted that Rodvik Linden says they are looking into a return to last names! Once a decision is made on how to go about it, implementation is expected sometime in 1Q 2012.

Yesterday Hamlet Au noticed that “Your World. Your Imagination” has returned to Second Life advertising. I have always thought this slogan was the most concise description of what Second life was all about.

Today I got some actual service from a real live Linden (not a Scout, a Linden)! Not just hit and run either, we worked together for half an hour!

Now if I can just get a baseball cap and a coffee mug with the Eye-in-Hand logo my second life will be fulfilled — well almost 🙂

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