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The current flap over Qarl’s Prim Alignment tool highlights one of the oldest conflicts in Second Life. Without getting into the specifics of this particular issue, the conflict breaks down to perceptions.

  1. Linden Lab’s seeming view of the residents as expressed by Philip Linden is “Smart people in rural areas, the handicapped, people looking for companionship, ….”. In short, not nearly as smart and sophisticated as they are.
  2. Residents often view the Lindens as a bunch of Ivory Tower Geeks with little or no experience of what Second Life is really about.

While there is a grain of truth in both perceptions, there are many exceptions and in fact the attitudes are often reversed!

As residents we need to remember that whining, venting and insults are counter-productive. I would not want to have the job of wading through a jira full of vitriol to find the few gems of productive input. If you really need to vent, start a BLOG, it works wonders when you have to think about what you are saying and post it under your own byline 🙂

The Lindens need to take a moment and THINK before they comment or set status at the jira. Your input needs to be not only factual, but sensitive to the frustrations of residents.

I certainly do not recommend a return to a heavy handed PR department or the silent treatment that we have endured in the past. Perhaps the Lab would be well served by a Miss Manners quietly looking over people’s shoulders and holding their hands when they trip into a social quagmire.

Remember, I’m pulling for ya. We’re all in this together! Red Green

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