Tongue-in-cheek? Are you sure?

Thanks to Hamlet for finding this 🙂

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We talk about them all the time; they get the blame for pretty much everything that’s wrong with sl and they have almost mythical status… but who are these mysterious people we call the Lindens? – Is it true they have laser beams for eyes?; Are they in league with the Undead in a ploy for world domination?; Do they covertly monitor your internet and steal your bandwidth for their own secret purposes? The answer to these, and many other equally scary questions is, of course, in all probability, ‘yes’… But don’t let that worry you – this simple field guide will help you to recognise and deal with Lindens, if you should ever come across them in sl.

What is a Linden?

Lindens are the elusive demi-gods of sl, not to be confused with lindens, (with a small ‘L’), which are a unit of virtual currency. This is important…

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