5 responses to “Linden Lab’s Advertising of Second Life — really?

  1. Niagra Pfalz

    Additional residents is what SL needs to regain its mojo and, yes, make more money. More and better targeted advertising should be a priority. But, however people discover SL, Linden Labs immediately loses a sizable portion of these valuable new residents by dumping them into “Welcome Areas” and “Safe Hubs” that are anything but. Turning people off on their very first visit to SL is distressingly counterproductive. One of the things most enjoy in SL is helping noobs, so I hang around those areas quite a bit, and they are about the most obnoxious, laggy, jerk and obscenity-filled sims in SL. LL needs to work out some program of dropping noobs into gardens and other pretty, impressive, uncrowded sims, while simultaneously sending them emails that provide useful tips (“you can enjoy live concerts in SL; here’s how to do a search”) and links to truly welcoming “Destinations” like are listed on the SL website.

  2. Linden Lab isn’t running any ads, but there’s an affiliate programme for other people to run ads for them – quite where you will find those ads is up to the person actually running them.

  3. They did very briefly run a Google Adsense campaign, I noticed this because they appeared on my blog and other SL related blogs, but that’s part of the problem, it’s largely advertising to the converted.

    I still feel they could setup strategic relationships with the likes of Blender, Daz 3D and Adobe, those companies produce tools whose results can be demonstrated in Second Life, so advertising the concepts of Second Life to their communities and Second Life advertising those content creation tools should have some appeal.

    As for mugs and such like, there was an office hour once where Jack Linden talked of sending us a bag of swag, but I didn’t hear anything more about it.

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