Some thoughts on Marketplace

I have never trusted Marketplace, it is just too easy for the Lindens to mess it up. When they inevitably do, it is real money merchants and customers are loosing.

I use Marketplace primarily as a product catalog, for that it is very good! There is an increasing trend toward merchants relying exclusively on Marketplace without an in-world store; in those instances I have to want something badly, or it must be very cheap for me to buy it.

What I wish they would do within marketplace is have the ability to send me a Landmark for an in world store. A Slurl is useless if I am not logged in. Forwarding landmarks would allow me to shop from another machine, at another time. I could even shop from a smart phone and have Landmarks waiting for me when I got home.

Some day they will force us to give up our magic boxes, I will delay for as long as possible. I am even less inclined to use Marketplace for shopping at the moment.

Human nature has a tendency to admire complexity but reward simplicity.”
Ben Huh, CEO, Cheezburger Network

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