Are you in the mood for a story? A cautionary tale set in the not too far distant future? Serendipidy has done it again! Nice work!

Serendipidy Haven's Musings

She awoke.

Her eyes, fogged by the pixel mist, burned, tears brimming, adjusting to the sting of the the acrid, smoke-filled air. The smell of burning components filling her senses and a buzzing, crackle and hiss jittered in and out of phase between her ears. Somehow her connection held steady and, cursing loudly, she stumbled to her feet. A wave of nausea engulfed her as she moved – lag clawed at her limbs; giving them a sickening, disembodied feel – she watched as her arms seemed to drift through the thick air, followed by stuttering, ghostly after-images, febrile and jerky in their movements. Staggering to the doorway, she looked out… it was far worse than ever she’d expected.

Metanoia they’d called it – a term first coined back in ’14 when the Trans-Globe I.P. Bill was passed. It completely failed in its intent, of course; rather than stamp out intellectual…

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