Accountability, Responsibility and Patience

Last Thursday’s Grid Crisis was trying for us all, most of all for the Lindens. I can only imagine the scramble by those directly involved, first just to understand what was going on, then to find and implement a solution.

I suspect most of us have “been there”. I have worked much of my life around the hardware end of computing and know the terror of downtime, especially with customers and bosses breathing down your neck. I also remember my Windows 9x days when any install or update came with the possibility of having to reinstall the OS and start from scratch when things went horribly wrong. Shit still happens!

It is really not surprising that communication during the crisis was pretty much “We know! We’re working on it!”. It should not however have taken until the end of the day Friday for LL to post any kind of explanation.

The Lindens deserve high credit for including a warning that when they try to fix the underlying problem Monday we may be going through the same thing all over again. Fore warned is fore armed. As Inara Pey points out though, both LL and the SL community would be better served if maintenance announcements were pushed out to all residents on line, especially if they come with a warning like “Please save all builds and refrain from rezzing no copy objects or making inworld L$ transactions.”

We, the residents, need to be patient during a crisis. Fixing things is the top priority, we need warning that things are broken and to be careful, but formulating explanations can wait until the fire is out.

If all goes well Monday I think we have a right to expect a full explanation at the Official Linden Blog where it belongs. Comments closed would be understandable, there are lots of blogs and forums where we can discuss it to exhaustion.

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