Re-assessments at the Highest Level

As I sit here Monday afternoon waiting once again for Unscheduled Maintenance” to allow me access to Second Life I am looking through the blogs and seeing a pattern.

At this blog There is need for a “Lite” Second Life Viewer (posted January 8th) has come back to life in comments. Activity at this page has never died; people are really wishing for a more efficient / equipment tolerant way to enjoy SL.

Nalates most recent post speaks (near the end) of problems with the avatar mesh that no deformer will ever be able to overcome. The avatar mesh itself was pretty good for 2004 technology but the world of 3D graphics has come a long way baby. Unfortunately any attempt to “correct” the avatar we have now will break existing content.

Thinking back to past blog posts and MetaReality Podcasts there has been steady, if unfocused, chatter about LL complicating the server and viewer code in order to maintain backward compatibility. Obviously this can not keep up forever.

It is time for LL to split off a team to do a feasibility study looking forward toward a true Second Life II. Essential to this team’s job would be inclusion of carefully selected long time residents; there are many intelligent, insightful and discrete residents available to choose from. They should start by fearlessly looking at past decisions and how they have impacted SL (both the community and the business). Then look forward, how will people access SL 10 years from now? What new technologies are on the horizon that SL could be ready for? Lastly, how much of today’s SL can move forward to the new version and how much must be left behind in the dust of progress?

I would not advocate abandonment of what we have now. Done right people will want to move over to the new world. Perhaps it would even be possible to “jump” between them.

The only sure thing is that something like this will happen, if not by LL then eventually by some competitor. LL should make a move while they still have our attention, and our inventories 🙂 .

Like everyone else I have some ideas, but what do you think?


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3 responses to “Re-assessments at the Highest Level

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  2. The tools for a cheap competitor are already available…see RealXtend’s Tundra 2 platform…the problem is in how much people already have invested in the SL platform…and if a company is willing to make a large investment up front in the hopes that they will eventually see it come back to them later…as seen in OpenSim, even the largest budget there is chump change to what LL spends now and can spend against your attempt to compete. Companies on the outside that see LL’s profit realize the risks are very high while the actual profit isn’t as much of a return as they would like to see, so when weighing the odds of success to failure, a competing venture doesn’t sound too plausible. Meanwhile, the lower budget grids over on OpenSim are always playing catch-22 because of their dependency on LL technology and LL’s refusal to jump onto a more modern platform. Someone, somewhere, will eventually take a jump onto a platform like Tundra with server-farm scalability to grow very fast/big and provide enough start-up content and content building tools to take a stab at both SL and OpenSim…maybe then they will both listen.

    • Precisely!
      Which is why I hope LL has at least begun the process. SL could be much better if it were not for a commitment to backward compatibility and the existing hardware configuration and methodology.

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