SL9B, Yes We Can!

This year Linden Lab chose not to supply the regions for Second Life’s 9th birthday party. For a while no one knew if there would even be a central party at all, but some residents with regions to spare pooled their resources and a resident run event was off and running! And I do mean RUNNING; with only weeks to organize everything they have been busy campers.

Today I was able to wander around the area with my press pass and I am impressed! Maybe it is that sculpties have truly come into their own. Maybe it is the advent of mesh. Maybe it was the challenge. There are some inspiring builds, even the “routine” stuff seems to me to be up a notch or 2 from previous years.

Of course there are little automated vehicles that will take you for a tour, and there are event stages (I was especially impressed with the Lotus Stage). My old friend RacerX has a Giant Snail Racing build. Breedable Hippos made me smile (hippos have a very long tradition in SL).

There is the inevitable lag, after all there are thousands of textures and objects in every region. It is best to be patient and keep your draw distance low (even 64M would be sufficient if you walk every street).

Slurl to the welcome area:

You should see this, it is worth the time. Way better than any SLB’day event I have seen in past years!

p.s. We can not rely on the goodness of sim owners in future years. It would be better if LL simply turned a group of regions over to a birthday group and then get out of the way. We have proven we can organize, create and police the event ourselves.

p.p.s. There are also lots of individual SL9B events throughout SL this week. Check event listings.

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