Pity please the poor SL Blogger


The Lindens explain – in advance – what they will be doing in the following year. They warn us that some of the changes they are working on will cause some upset, but it is worth it in the long run – and explain why!

They hold weekly meetings where they discuss the progress they are making, including the problems they have encountered. And (this is almost beyond belief) they Listen.

It has gotten so bad that residents are turning on each other! Incidents of griefing have reached a new height in frequency and sophistication. Even there, the Lindens are actively working on the technical steps they can take and explain why the simple steps that might seem obvious are either difficult to implement or would be unfair to other residents.

The Firestorm all volunteer development and support teams had to resort to a special blog post in response to the wackadoodles harassing the support groups.


What is a blogger to do? Many have resorted to travelogs or fashion reviews. Some are blogging fiction or turning their attention to RL subject.

It is enough to make me nostalgic for the Good-Old-Days.

May you live in interesting times.

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