SL10B The Great Exposition and Celebration

Today was press day at the Second Life 10th Birthday

  • Before you TP in: Strip down to basics. No unnecessary HUDs, No scripted accessories. Reduce your draw distance, I went from my usual 256M to 128M. Sim crossings will be a problem regardless, so explore one region at a time, perhaps TP across the borders.
  • Where to Start: I began at Bear Island then jumped over to Dazzle where you won’t want to miss the Madpeas Hat Stack. From there I strolled the grid of commercial exhibits, camming into the many that caught my interest. Remember to look up from time to time, some builds are tall! There are too many interesting exhibits to choose what to highlight, suffice it to say I took hours 🙂
  • The Main Stage (Impressive and Spellbound regions): This has got to be seen to be believed! A new state-of-the-art build! Don’t forget to cam or fly around the outer perimeter.

All-in-all this years birthday celebration is one of the best! Set aside some time to explore.

Well done to all exhibitors.

May you live in interesting times.

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