Firestorm Release with Server Side Baking/Appearance

Today the Phoenix Firestorm Project released Firestorm For all intents and purposes this is a mandatory release since Linden Lab will be releasing SSB in about 2 weeks.

For those who do not know what Server-Side Baking is all about, Inara Pey has a good overview at her blog.

Some people with very low end computers and/or graphics cards will have hardware issues. Nalates Urriah has some good recommendations for upgrading inexpensively.

I for one look forward to the improvements both to our avatars and to simulator performance this will bring.

May you live in interesting times.

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One response to “Firestorm Release with Server Side Baking/Appearance

  1. A quick ps. about Clean Install: I always try just uninstalling Firestorm from Control Panel and reinstalling from the latest download. Now that they have made it possible I save my settings first (preferences – bottom tab). If all goes well you have saved yourself the aggravation of finding and deleting individual files then trying to restore what you removed. But if you have problems, even some time later, be prepared to go through the whole clean install procedure.

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