News about the Mesh Deformer

Whirly Fizzle Posted a new and important comment to STORM-1716. Qarl Fizz has a new version posted at his web site.

  • the team over at inworldz recently asked if i could help them integrate the clothing deformer into their new mesh viewer. which is nice, i think, because people really want to fit their clothing. and so far they can’t.but the inworldz guys took it a step further – they asked if there was anything i could do to improve the code. and i said yes, it could be made faster. and they put-up a bit of money to make it happen.

    Attached is a patch to the deformer code which (by my quick estimates) makes the deformation process 21 times faster. many thanks to David and McCabe for making this possible.

This is, at least potentially, very good news since one of the complaints about the deformer is that it is slow.

Lately I have been trying out mesh clothing on an unaltered LL starter shape. The results have been disappointing (with a few exceptions). A working deformer might well move things along. Of course there are other problems, the learning curve for mesh clothing makers is steep and torturous. There is a tendency to overuse the alpha layers resulting in see through areas of your avatar, especially around the edges and where clothing hangs loosely open.

We have waited quite a while for the Lab to incorporate a working deformer. Hopefully this will enable them to work on it right after Project Sunshine is complete.

May you live in interesting times.


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