Second Life turns 12!

Once again it is time for SL’s Birthday Party, There will be Celebrations, Speachifying, Amazing Builds and of course many regions worth of Exhibitions & Exposition. Gates Open Sunday, June 21 at noon SLT.
A walking tour (walking is the best way to see all the exhibits between the major venues):

SL12B Train Station 512
It is best to start at the High Entrance. A quick walk down the stairs to the south will take you to the train station with 2 big boards full of landmarks and notecard givers.

South of the train station is the Dreamitarium / Astound Auditorium, which is set up as a TV studio with plenty of audience seating.

SL12B Stunning Cake Stage 512
Continuing south you will find the Stunning Cake Stage. This 4 region extravaganza of a build has got to be seen to appreciated!

SL12B Spellbound Main Stage 512
Head west out of the Cake Stage regions, then North to the Spellbound Main Stage. Take your time, gawking at the exhibits along the way. If you are at all familiar with Grendel’s you will recognize the work here, stunning as always!

SL12B Ixtan Stage entrance 512
Now a long eastward hike through the exhibits to Dazzle and the haunting entrance to Ixtian Stage. It is worth walking the entire outer ring here, very good, if ghostly build.

SL12B DJ Stage 512
Once you find your way back out, head North to Astonish and the DJ Stage. Be Careful — You Have Been Warned!!
Additional points of interest:
the Time Capsule
Pod tours: Impressive, Wonderous, YavaScript Exhibit

Travel strategy:
Teleports can be problematic, I prefer to open a landmark on the map, that creates a beacon and a red arrow to guide me.
You will probably have to keep your draw distance lower than you are accustomed to due to lag.

Enjoy your tour. There is way more to see than the few high points I have shown. Take your time and have fun.

A list of all events can be found on the official web site.

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