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A Very Busy Week in Second Life

Today (Saturday, July 13) is opening day for Relay For Life. Second Life’s premier charity event begins today and will be open all week. Since it began in 2005 RFL of SL has raised well over a million dollars (U.S., not Linden$). It is best to begin at the RFL home region as it is usually less crowded than the rest of the track.

Also beginning today is Hair Fair. This extremely popular event is held on the 4 Hair Fair regions. The central region of the group is Hair Fare 2, although you may have to TP into one of the other regions just to get in, it is very crowded!

Both of these events can be very laggy! You can help reduce that by stripping down to basic clothing, no flex prims in your outfit or your hair. No scripted attachments (check hair and shoes especially). No HUDs unless absolutely necessary.

In addition to the 2 biggest events of the year being this week, the Lab will almost certainly be pushing Server Side Baking/Appearance out to the remaining release candidate regions on Wednesday. If you have not updated your viewer yet, the gray cloud is catching up to you.

May you live in interesting times.

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