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Phoenix / Firestorm Q&A Event Followup

Well, I listened to the entire 2 ½ hour playback on YouTube.

Jessica, you have the patience and diplomacy of a saint! Dealing with whining as constructive criticism is beyond the call of duty!

  • The Phoenix/Firestorm team is all volunteer people, they are doing the best they can to deal with user requests in addition to features and code changes coming, sometimes without advance notice, from Linden Lab.
  • It is Linden Lab’s choice to depreciate viewer 1! There is nothing any of the third party viewer development teams can do about that. Do not blame or complain to them about that. It is clear that over this next year Linden Lab will be rolling out new “features” which will involve server side code changes that everyone will have to live with . Sooner or later one of them will break viewer 1 once and for all (this could well be inventory fetching!).
  • If your computer is at the lower limits of what will run SL, I’m very sorry but the minimum requirements to run SL have, and will continue to evolve. In all likelihood your only solution is a new computer.
  • There are lots of new things coming to Firestorm, they are working hard to develop a viewer you will like before V2 finally dies for good. Keep test driving Firestorm (if you are not on it yet), when it is ready for you, stay there 🙂 Jessica says they did a study, people who stay on Firestorm for 3 days or more usually stay on it, even now!

Hugs and encouragement to the Phoenix/Firestorm development team. Keep up the good work, in the long run your judgment is probably better than ours. I for one will keep my complaints and whining in the jira and encourage your team in public.

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Phoenix / Firestorm Q&A Event

There will be a big question and answer event held at the Rockcliffe Universities 4 region auditorium on Saturday December 17th @1PM.

Please see the Phoenix Viewer Blog for details.

This is your opportunity to get credible answers to your questions from the people who know best!

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