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You know you’re spending too much time in Second Life when – – – –

I went out to dinner with an RL friend the other night. Some years ago I introduced her to Second Life. At first she thought it was weird and strange, but over time she has spent more and more time in world until now it is a regular part of her daily routine. The conversation turned to the unexpected ways SL has influenced our RL.

Our only partly tongue-in-cheek list included:

  • You start seeing RL people as avatars.
  • You try to camera around a web page.
  • You find yourself converting RL prices to L$.
  • You try to double-click teleport out to the mailbox.
  • You mentally click on someone’s dress to inspect it.
  • You use chat abbreviations in normal conversation ( RL, SL, brb, afk, etc.)
  • Everyone else at the table thinks you are talking in tongues.
  • The jewelry is not in your jewelry case, it is in SL.

How about you?

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