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FREE SEX BED —- but …………..

Stroker Serpentine co-creator of the famous SexGen sex bed is leaving Second Life and gifting the community with his latest version base unit (v.5). A generous gesture considering he has made himself rich in RL off of them. Consider, however, that there are limitations. These are “base units” which you will have to install into a bed for which you have mod permissions. I strongly doubt there will be any support or updates; when Linden Lab somehow breaks the code in the scripts you are on your own.

My friend Corsi Mousehold represents the other partner in SexGen. He has upgraded the scripts to v.6 since Stroker stopped development and has added over 100 additional animations! He markets them under the NeoLove brand. Corsi offers courteous support and updates via an updater whenever needed. The income from NeoLove products also goes to support the regions of FurNation.

As is usual in SL there are cries of doom and gloom for the sex bed industry – it will pass. In time these freebies will be hopelessly outdated, but enjoy them while you can and when they break be sure to check out Corsi’s improved versions.

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