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Let the Residents Do It!

For years we have been telling the Lindens that we can do a better job of many things than they can. Is it possible they are listening?

We complained endlessly about the cheesy vampire ads and the poor quality home page pictures. Have you looked at the default Second Life Homepage lately? — WOW! Resident made illustrations with a music theme. A vast improvement, and the creators are credited in the pictures!!! Hopefully this is a first step in allowing the residents to illustrate an assortment of themes on the public facing face of Second Life. (Note: when going to the SL homepage you may be directed to the login page, I had to use a different browser.)

Linden Lab announced that they would not be hosting a Second Life 9th Birthday event. Instead they will promote events run by the residents via the Destination Guide and through various social media. As Tateru points out, this is a return to the way SL3B was run. It will be up to us to come up with the leadership and initiative to make it successful. Truthfully I have been disappointed in the last couple of birthday events; too much self promotion, too little imagination. There were of course exceptions, but they were hardly worth the lag involved in finding and appreciating them.

If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.”   Napoleon Bonaparte


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