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Linden Lab has announced a new CEO! Ebbe Altberg doesn’t start work until Monday, Feb. 10 so take it easy on him!

I have read a lot of comments in other forums and blogs to the effect that he really has to improve communication. While there is room for improvement, I really do not need to hear from the CEO more than a couple of times a year, broad statements about direction and philosophy are appropriate from the person whose job is the overall management of the business that is Linden Lab. We have gotten a steady stream of rather detailed information from the lead developers via the user group meetings, mostly passed to us by various bloggers. That this method of communication limits feedback is, I believe, intentional, the Lindens do not want to spend time fishing through comments from kibitzers and wackadoodles to find the constructive comments. They do, however read the most significant blogs.

I will suggest one form of communication LL is greatly under utilizing. A monthly email newsletter would get significant information to every resident, active and inactive. From Ebbe, a travelogue of places he has visited in SL, that alone would give us an ongoing assurance that he is trying to understand SL. From the various developers, a getting-to-know-us and what we are doing article revolving through the various departments would not only help keep people informed, but humanize what often seems like a distant ivory tower. From Torley, a did-you-know about some little appreciated point from one of his tutorials. A newsletter would have the advantage from LL’s point of view of being one way, so no inconvenient back-chatter.

Ebbe should NOT get the name Ebbe Linden! He is a newbie and as such is Ebbe(insert postscript) Resident! He can put whatever he wants in his display name. Of course he could change that policy. Hint – hint – hint.

The recent problems with the TOS can easily be fixed simply by incorporating the semi-official reassurances into the TOS so that they are “official”. This would be a big relief to the content creators, especially those who pay real world money for textures (many of those textures are not allowed for use in SL due to the most recent TOS)

Ebbe, you may wonder why I am so concerned with confidence building measures. When most people talk about communication what they want is reassurance that their world will be around into the foreseeable future. This confidence is important to you because the residents/customers/users ARE Second Life, Linden Lab merely provides the platform. You will quickly discover this in your explorations of our world.

Finally, Ebbe, I wish you good luck in your new job. Keep your eyes, ears and mind open. Don’t let the wackadoodles and doom-sayers discourage you.

Illegitimi non carborundum


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Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the Wackadoodles!


The blogs are full of the news that Rod Humble has “moved on” from Second Life. I first saw it at New World Notes.

Remain calm. Take a deep breath. We have been through this before. Don’t believe the rumors, the sky in not falling!

Linden lab will eventually let us know what is happening and what their plans are.

“Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war” William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

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Are your friends looking sick? Get in the Sunshine!

SSB (Server-side Baking (or Appearance)rolls to the entire grid

today (Tuesday). If you are not using a properly equipped viewer avatars will not be seen properly. Jessica Lyon has a good post at the Firestorm Blog which applies to all viewers. There has been a long run-up to this new feature. No one can say they were not warned! LL and many private blogs have been talking about this for many months! This is a major improvement to the avatar rez process, a major improvement!

I am sure there will be wackadoodles who will be crying “the sky is falling” and the end of Second Life. Ignore them.

Those accessing SL with very old equipment will have the most problems, some will find they can not access the grid at all. My best advice to them is to try various Third Party Viewers in the hopes of finding one that works. Text viewers will of course get you on line but with limited or no graphics. You knew that sooner or later all computers become obsolete.

Bugs will appear in one part of a working program when another ‘unrelated’ part is modified.   Murphyism

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Buckle-up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride

At the recent Firestorm Viewer question & answer meeting Jessica Lyon, Firestorm Project Manager, gave a forecast of what we can expect in Second Life over the next few months. You can watch the meeting here, or read summaries by Inara Pey or Nalates Urriah .

Simply stated Linden Lab will be introducing several new features that will effect both the sim servers and all viewers. They are not doing this to annoy us, these are important changes to the way things are done within the programs that are SL in addition to valuable new features. Because the viewers are changing too this requires significant coordination and cooperation between the third party viewer developers and the lab.

If experience is any teacher at all, each of these changes will present problems when deployed to the full grid. All viewers, including the official LL viewer will have bugs and problems. Everyone is doing the best they can to avoid problems and still deploy the new code expediently. We may as well get the pain of the transition over with so we can return to our normal lives in an improved world as soon as possible.

There WILL Be Drama! The wackadoodles will predict the end of Second Life. There will be back seat drivers with “a better way”. The conspiracy theorists will ascribe ulterior motives. Pay them no attention. We have survived bigger transitions in the past with much less to gain.

Hang in there!

Be kind to your third party viewer team, they are doing the best they can in a challenging situation; remember, they are volunteers!

Don’t be too hard on LL, in the long run we will be better off.

May you live in interesting times.

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Phoenix / Firestorm Q&A Event Followup

Well, I listened to the entire 2 ½ hour playback on YouTube.

Jessica, you have the patience and diplomacy of a saint! Dealing with whining as constructive criticism is beyond the call of duty!

  • The Phoenix/Firestorm team is all volunteer people, they are doing the best they can to deal with user requests in addition to features and code changes coming, sometimes without advance notice, from Linden Lab.
  • It is Linden Lab’s choice to depreciate viewer 1! There is nothing any of the third party viewer development teams can do about that. Do not blame or complain to them about that. It is clear that over this next year Linden Lab will be rolling out new “features” which will involve server side code changes that everyone will have to live with . Sooner or later one of them will break viewer 1 once and for all (this could well be inventory fetching!).
  • If your computer is at the lower limits of what will run SL, I’m very sorry but the minimum requirements to run SL have, and will continue to evolve. In all likelihood your only solution is a new computer.
  • There are lots of new things coming to Firestorm, they are working hard to develop a viewer you will like before V2 finally dies for good. Keep test driving Firestorm (if you are not on it yet), when it is ready for you, stay there 🙂 Jessica says they did a study, people who stay on Firestorm for 3 days or more usually stay on it, even now!

Hugs and encouragement to the Phoenix/Firestorm development team. Keep up the good work, in the long run your judgment is probably better than ours. I for one will keep my complaints and whining in the jira and encourage your team in public.

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FREE SEX BED —- but …………..

Stroker Serpentine co-creator of the famous SexGen sex bed is leaving Second Life and gifting the community with his latest version base unit (v.5). A generous gesture considering he has made himself rich in RL off of them. Consider, however, that there are limitations. These are “base units” which you will have to install into a bed for which you have mod permissions. I strongly doubt there will be any support or updates; when Linden Lab somehow breaks the code in the scripts you are on your own.

My friend Corsi Mousehold represents the other partner in SexGen. He has upgraded the scripts to v.6 since Stroker stopped development and has added over 100 additional animations! He markets them under the NeoLove brand. Corsi offers courteous support and updates via an updater whenever needed. The income from NeoLove products also goes to support the regions of FurNation.

As is usual in SL there are cries of doom and gloom for the sex bed industry – it will pass. In time these freebies will be hopelessly outdated, but enjoy them while you can and when they break be sure to check out Corsi’s improved versions.

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