Second Life Luddites & Lazes

Honour McMillan’s post today got me thinking. There seems to be a lot of SL residents who are very insulated into their own little corner of the experience. As Honour points out there is a reluctance to learn even the most basic features common to all viewers. There is already a hue and cry over Server Side Baking and the necessity to update viewers (it will only get worse over the next few weeks as SSB rolls out to the grid).

Philip Linden once described SL as “perpetual beta”. Anyone who has been around for a while knows what he meant, there are almost continuous updates and new features. We, the residents, have some responsibility to keep up!

It is not like people are on their own. LL (and Torley Linden) have lots of video tutorials. They could drop by any Info Hub and there are links to help, sometimes even helpful people; or read Blogs; there is a list of them on the right side bar here, just click a picture. But they have to show enough interest and initiative to learn about the world we are in.

Illegitimi non carborundum


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6 responses to “Second Life Luddites & Lazes

  1. Xi

    Not surprised that people don’t keep up with the tech. How many VCRs are still out there blinking 12:00?

  2. i never liked ‘resident’ as the new surname descriptor, ‘customer’ would have been infinitely worse, but ‘citizen’ would have been better, and closer to i think what you and also i would like to have seen happen. alas, what we sometimes have, and i think the majority of the luddite class fits in here, is residents who see themselves as consumers of a service. so not only do they not see keeping up with technology or changes to SL as a responsibility, they see any change to the daily fare as a burden worthy of petulant complaint.
    anyway, i expect the population will get ever more divided into those who do, make, sell and teach etc servicing those who don’t. it might not be all bad news. as the second group surpasses the first in greater and greater numbers, the value of the content and services provided by the first group should increase. or at least that’s my theory 🙂

    • Of course THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH LAST NAMES!!! Sorry, touchy subject 🙂
      The official viewer now auto-updates by default, one way of keeping the Luddites in the loop. I suspect some third party viewers will go the same route.

      • Xi

        One. More way to make us even more stupid and lazy. Now we don’t have to even wonder if our viewer is up to date

  3. i kinda like being in perpetual beta… it appeals to the adventurer in me – isn’t that part of the appeal of sl?

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